Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Day in the LIFE

Today was a cooool day and unlike all my other busy days of working out, homework, training, attending my brother's high school games, reading or writing my life away it was a change of pace. The day started off good, with a morning workout, and then breakfast at Coffee Co. with Mom Dukes. Then I went on to to do some homework for 1 of my online classes. After that I was blessed with lunch from one of my favorite places to eat, Japanese takeout, Sachi Terriyaki house (Shout out to 5). My best friend, Tatiana brought the meal to the crib after she got out of school around 1. As I'm eating, I get a call from my other really good friend, miss Caryn Mia, and she says she just got out of school and she's coming through too, which is real cool, especially since I haven't seen her in a lil bit. So, long story short we're chillin, just sitting at the house for about 30 minutes before I say "Yall wanna do something?".. And ofcourse because they're women they say "Yea" but that "Yea" is followed by a million and one questions. Smh. (Lol, all the homies with female friends know what I'm talking about). Why do yall do that?? Lol..

Anyways, back to the day..

So after avoiding most of the questions, I just tell them the destination is 1 of my "secret places" I go to just think, chill, write, etc. So I think they might have be a little intrigued by that lol, especially Tati because she ALWAYS wants to know where these "secret places" I go are. She probably was starting to believe I was making the "secret places" up. But as it turns out, I wasn't. About 5 minutes later we ended up at my "secret place" a park up in the hills of sunny Southern California, not much of a secret place though right? Lol. I only call it a "secret place" because NO ONE knows I go there my solo days to just chill, feed the ducks, organize my thoughts and pray a couple times a week.

Although this was a place I used to come alone, it was mad cool being there with close friends. And although we didn't do a whole lot it was still a lot of fun, really relaxing and extremely peacful. Plus it was free! Lol. But feeding the ducks, talking about LIFE, and playing on the swings like we were 5 years old again was priceless. The park outing ended with me only spending ONE dollar too! The old school ice cream truck was there lol. It kind of made me think about that McDonalds commercial, where dude asks what can he get for a buck. But it was well worth it, the ice cream sandwhich was incredible. Lol.

The time spent was great period. When we were walking to the car I just had the biggest smile on my face and had a genuine feeling inside, CORNY right? Lol, I don't care though, I was happy. Something a lot of people don't have right now, especially with all that's going on. So I thank God for good friends, secret places, Cali sun and random days!

Caryn just so happened to have her camera with her, so you know pics got taken.. And here are a few of them..

Shout outs go to the people that helped bring this blog to life, TC and Lightskinned! I rock with yall anyday. Tati, you already know the deal. Caryn you do too.. Let's just keep living RIGHT, and see where this life takes us. In the mean time just know how thankful I am for you.

Gooonne [.]

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I pray all this work, dedication and ambition will pay off one day. I can't be broke forever, RIGHT???

That's all... Have a BLESSED day everybody.

Shout out to my bank robbing partner/ youtube counterpart! LMAO!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fresh AIR !

Yooo with so much pollution in the music industry, there's a dire need for fresh air and brillance.. And I definitely believe this young lady could be just that.. I met her through my good friend Cris and I'm thankful to have known such inspiring people.. Shout out to both of them!

Introducing to some... Miss Leah Labelle

SIGN her NOW (if it's not already happening)! And I'm NOT just saying that because she was one of the 1st girls I crushed on in a veryy longgg time.. Lol, true story.. She has a lot more on youtube and her blog though.. I'm only posting a couple, go to her page and support her movement..

These are just MY favorites.. ENJOY

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Life man. I love life. Not more than I love the Lord though. But the experience of life is good. Thank God. Some people might not understand that. I have a lot of questions, like a wholeee lot. My mom is the apple of my eye, and I have to make her proud. That's the only way I'll be able to re-pay her. Hmmm, oook so that's love. Real love. Man, what is love? Yea, I had the relationship experience, first love, highschool sweetheart relationship, learned some things and grew, but that was tough. No offense to her, she was great... At times. But that stress and difficulty we went through at a young age was...idk... just tough! Dang I went on too long about that. Lol. Is there a such thing as a perfect relationship? Probably not in the natural. They found like 2 more planets since Pluto, the last of the first 9. But they still haven't updated the school books, smh. That Successful track by Drake makes me think... about a lot of stuff (currently playing). FACT: I recently released AIM from my blackberry, took it out the main page apps and replaced it with the NOTES. If you're blessed to have 1 true and good friend, what is said to the man who has a few? Man I can't wait to play basketball next year!!!!!!! That's the most exclamtions I've ever used. I think that's corny, smh. History channel is real. Today was great, tomorrow should be better. Did I mention life is good. I mean there's always bumps in the road but we always get to go at it again. :-)

I got shout outs to everbody I talked to today, shout out out to people that take the time to read this crap. Thanks to those who don't. Shout out to my lil bro, I love you mucho dude. Mom dukes, love you x 1,000,000. Pops wassup! CiRC!E waddup!

Oh yeaa before I forget, birthday shout outs to my friend Ariel. Enjoy your weekend. And shout outs to my other friend Cristina Martinez (just because).. Cris what up!

Aight that's it..

.....on my BlackBerr¥

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


This life is amazing to me.

I continue to dig within and find treasure upon treasure.

Unveil thought after thought.

I often wonder how this could be.

I've been told before, "The mind is a terrible thing to waste". So why do so many people waste it? 


Are they afraid of what they may be able to accomplish?

So many people use fear as a shield.

Fear is not a shield. Fear is a barricade that must be trampled through with full force.

Once fear is surpassed, the road traveled within gets much easier.

Confidence is gained, wisdom is exhibited, courage defined, and territories enlarged.

Virtues and treasures are unlocked.

What will you do to reach your treasure which is within?

Fear no more. 

Saturday, February 14, 2009


They finally got me! "They" being the cops, the pigs, the LAPD! Man! Listen to this..

So basically since I've been back in LA from school (about a year and some change) I've been driving with a suspended license. Wait! I know what you're thinking...Idiot, stupid, irresponsible, etc. Smh, I already know. I could've been taken care of it but I've been putting it off forever. I know its dumb but I just hate court rooms. I seen my uncle get sentenced to 142 years when I was 7 years old and been scarred every since. I don't care for judges either. And police? What black person gets along with them? No Bryant Gumbol or Carlton Banks here. So anyways I'm driving down Slauson and the next thing I know I see those blue lights! So automatically my heart drops somewhere in the pit of my stomach and I feel like I just rode Supreme Scream for the first time again, because I know what's about to happen. Lil bro is in the whip with me and I calmly tell him, "I'm probably about to go to jail, call dad". So then officer Haberkorn (that's really dudes name; felt like I was in the south smh) approaches the window and asks for a nigga license and registration. All badddd...


So now I'm handcuffed facing this church, New Testament of God and Christ, how ironic right? Especially since I'm already knee deep in my prayers, hoping I don't go to the big house. Haberkorn then starts asking me and lil bro all sorts of mysterious questions... What gang are we from? Where the drugs at? Do we know Big Pasta? I'm in my head like "What is this dude on!?". So then I tell him I go to school, and hoop and stuff, thinking that'll give me a better look. He seemed uninterested and then looked as if he wanted to say, "Sure, sure. Don't all you niggers play ball".

Anywayss, by this time my pops and uncle arrive at the scene and these dudes have no regard for anything but CHRIST, seriously. And they walk up to the officers like they're about to do a citizens arrest! Me and Vaughn look at each other like "Wow, we allll about to go to jail now man". Lol. But that wasn't the case at all. 5 minutes later I was uncuffed. Haberkorn wrote me a ticket and let me go. Thank God! Forrrrreeeeaallll man.

Unfortunately they took the whip. Smh! They couldn't leave without doing something cop-ish. But even though they did that, I can't help but smile because I'm not in pen sharing showers til Monday morning. God is definitely GOOD, and I BELIEVE He heard my prayers. And not just because they were last minute, but because I've been calling on Him and seeking Him long before today. And I know I'm not perfect, OBVIOUSLY. But His love and mercy are, so who wouldn't serve a God like that.

So the moralS of this whole situation is, DON'T drive with a suspended license!, go to court!, pay your tickets!, don't rock with anybody with the last name Haberkorn! and most importantly, always TRUST in the LORD!

- Saved by Grace, A.L.A.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Flight of the Conchords

Since my favorite HBO show, Entourage is taking a break I had to find something else entertaining to watch besides my all time favorite channels (History and Discovery).. I came across this show on one of my late nights and it is hilarious. Some times a little corny with very unique humor, but I always laugh.

Its basically the semi-adventures of two bestfriends/bandmates from New Zealand as they go through life trying to make it in New York City. The life they live is really weak, but the always seem to be moving around and making things happen. I think its crazzy funny how they just break out in song sometimes, and its even funnier because more often then not the music, tune or melody is dope!

Mom Dukes called me weird for watching it, but I find it amuzing.. So hopefully somebody who never heard of it before will think the same.. If not, OH WELL! (Man that statement has been getting more and more use lately, hmmm)

Here's a clip of one of the songs though.. Funnyyy

Flight Of The Conchords...

Just UP..Randomness!

Most of my close friends know I dont sleep much..I think I said on here before Im averaging like 5 hours, that number has officially changed to like 3! I'm that friend who can be reached at almost any time on any given day. Lol.. But anyways, since I'm up right now kinda doing homework, kinda watching a movie, and kinda waiting on this So Far Gone mixtape to be posted, kinda thinking, I thought I'd just share my newest and most random thoughts with you all.. Lol
So without any further or do.. Auston'sssss Thoughts, courtesy of Randomness!

1. Doug is the best cartoon of all time. If anyone can find all the seasons on dvd for me, I'd probably do a back flip (which I've never did in my life) with extreme excitement. Hahaa

2. Did Rhianna really give CB the herp??? If sooo, I think the judge might waive all accounts of domestic violence.. If not good luck brotha.

3. Why is Martin so funny? That show can never get old. Whenever I'm bored, sad, mad or upset I just closemy eyes, pick a season and get ready to lmao! All the characters he plays are too funny! Dragon Fly Jones and Jerome are definitely my favorite. Gina funny to me too! Cole too! Ahhhh everybody and everything about that show is funny. CLASSIC!

4. My lil bro is my favorite person in the entire world. Dude is so funny and full of life. I love him. And NO I'm not mad he's 5 inches taller than me and I'm 5 years older..I guess thats just part of God's plan.

5. I really enjoy pop tarts. Especially the original strawberry, cinnamon is pretty awesome too.

6. Its Black History Month, I'll be writing a tribute to BHM blog soon.

7. That Beyonce song that goes, "If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it" is really weak to me. So now just because I like you, I gotta wife you?? Ohh nooo, come on now B, that's just irrational. How about I maybe take you to dinner first? Lol

8. Does anybody remember a show called The Adventures Pete and Pete on Nickelodeon?? I've asked like 3 of my friends and they all think I'm crazy and it never existed.. Smh, I know I'm not crazy man.

9. My next girlfriend will be my wife.

10. Kobe better win MVP!

I think that's all the random stuff that I have in my head for now. Plus I just found my self getting very sleepyyy (hypnotizer vioce lol ok that was corny, oh well!) I'm gonna try this sleep thing though. Goodnight people!


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Reflection & Failure

each day, I am trying to live, chasing each thought, im dying to give hope to those without, I will never quit or slow down, I find myself crying, but still, I am inspired, and feeling love, for each color in the eyes of others, I find my desire to kill, to defy expectation, to light fires that yield a brighter future, I stand before the masses, and building a relationship with a Father whose dying has filled, rivers, hearts and dreams, I'm face down in the temple, it seems, when I deny the Giver, my screams resound with the sounds of His whisper, BELIEVE, i request, only with please, for HE is the only thing beating in me, so any bit of perfection you see, is his reflection.

and me, that's the selfish response, the arrogant grin, the inability to step past the within, to enjoy the without, no doubt that my skin arrives, long before I repent, yes, i smile, to hide my resentment, yes, i run, because to walk, is to sin, my eyes are on the prize, but i desire a fist held high, power is this, and these words, are my fire, to kiss, to fear no, man or woman, only a child, named failure.

DRAKE: So Far Gone!

Yoo wassup Drakesters and Drakettes hahaha,

In a few days (February 12) my favorite rapper Aubrey "Drizzy Drake Rogers" Graham mixtape is coming out. Drizzy's Back! Its been a while since he put out his own quality tape and I must say I'm ready to hear what my mans has to say.

I want to say a couple things about Drake being my favorite rapper though, because a lot of people have jumped on the bandwagon tough lately! Which isn't a bad thing, its great actually and shows some people have taste in good music (Shout out to Kanye lol). But one thing I hate is when people that I told about Drake try to out Drake me! Lol! If you don't understand it then its not for you to understand. But let me just say this, A LOT of people listen to Aubrey Graham because they heard it playing in my tape deck, or I put the disk in their hands, so if you're 1 of those people pay homage! Lol naw I'm kidding, but I'm for real at the same time. Idk about some of yall but I'm real and doing continual work on my realness, lol. So with that said let me shout out the person that put me on Drake in 05! Back when when everybody was listening to Ja Rule hahahaha. Shouts to my long time homegirl and good friend Candace Johnson. Probably the the #1 Aubrey Graham fan in America, she been on dude for a very very long time, so shout out to her for introducing me to good music way back when. Some of yall need to be on the same thing, pay homage, its not becoming of your character when you fake it! Lol

So yeaaaaaa with all of those thoughts broadcasted, go get the new Mixtape, presented by October's Very Own: So Far Gone. You can download it at, Shout to Oliver! I'm sure it'll be some fire. That's it, holla..

P.S. Post-Wayne Drake bandwagoners are a disgrace! Go get Room for Improvement or Comeback Season before you even put your hands on SO FAR GONE clowns! SMH!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Welcome To My Dreams

I learn about myself through the clear eyes of those around me...mainly my parents and close friends. I find my circle becoming more of an ellipse, less rounded, more pointed...the weak fall.

The strong persevere, the strong in mind, at least....

Life is hard, so losing one's life must be easy. I life is precious, and I am chasing each breath.

I hope to live forever, I will live forever...long after my flesh and bones have returned to the dust from where they came.

I will live with He who lives within me today.

I have tremendous dreams, some of them unrealistic.

I want to be a PROFESSIONAL...At everything I do. Basketball player, entrepreneur, writer, sports agent, coach and what ever else my Maker has in store for me.

I want to write 3 books.

One is nearly completed.

I want to visit France and Rome.

I want to visit Israel and Mecca.

I want to understand why women allow self consciousness to continually assault them to death, and why wicked men find solace in their heartbreaking cries.

I want to be loved.

I want to buy mom dukes an island.

I want to give my wife the world and more.

I want her to be strong enough to carry me, the mortgage, and the rest of the world on her back.

I want to be imperfect.

I want her to accept me, all of my faults.

All of my poor decisions.

I want a better half.

I want to be complete.

I want her to look at me and see a figment of her dreams.

I want reality.

I want impossibility.

I want joy and peace.

I want patience and kindness.

I want to raise 10 children. 7 natural, 3 adopted.

I read book after book, think thought after thought.

Why does the mind seem boundless, but the heart hurt so bad when it is stretched?

I want my brother to prosper.

He will.

I want to make "the smile" the international language.

Do I want too much? Oh well, these are my dreams.

I want to change the world,

I want to change the world,

I may never be a sports agent..

I may never purchase that island...

I may never father a progeny.

Matter of fact, my final exhale could accompany this sentence...

But the world will be changed....because I was ONE more person who believed it could be done...

Bury me with my eyes open...I want to see God.

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Return of MJ

Check out my bro Marcus Johnson from USC.. He baptized this dude from Cal on the break last week.

You can start your "SHEEEEESSSSHHHHH!"right abooouuuuttt NOW! LOL

Jay Z: My President is BLACK!

I know it's a few people that haven't heard this, so I decided to post it. Jay does this song much justice. He represented for BLACK America, spoke some truth and soluted Barack once again..
Here are a few of the lyrics:

"....MY President is BLACK, infact he's half white/ So even in a racist mind he's half right/ So if you have racist mind you'll be alright/The President is BLACK, but his house is all white/ Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther could walk/ Martin Luther walked so Barack Obama could run/ Barack Obama ran so all the children could fly/ So ima spread my wings, you can meet in the sky..."

What Means The World To You?

Opening statement: I really need to be sleep, but I just don't too well with that whole thing. I'm averaging like 5 hours a night right now. Too much to be done, and not enough time.. So I'm currently up, watching Blue Streak, eating some peaches (chilllllll lol), and writing this blog. Lol.

OK, now lets begin...


Is it God? Money? Happiness? Sex? Love? Drugs? Whatever it is, this is what drives most of us and fuels us each day. However so many people have fixations and unrealistic views of this world. The things we choose to fuel us, usually don't fuel us at all, and if they do its not for long. We chase after money, and the end result is we always need more. We search for love and the end result of that is similar to money. Love stabs some of us in the back. Especially when it's in the wrong hands. We jump from relationship to relationship only to be more hurt than the time before. Times we think we're in love we tend to make bad decisions and have more regrets than normal. We use drugs, and those leave us more confused than before. Fact is, when we use drugs we're just trying to escape reality, but whenever that high comes down, reality is right there waiting on us. Sex is no different, those of us who use sex to make things better usually end up alone and wanting something more in the long run. We've probably hurt more than a handful of people by giving it away with no regard. We vicariously live out all of these things, but end up with negative results. Time and time again, we're faced with troubled times and we act as if we don't know how we got there. Have we NOT learned???

Each of us have the ingredients to avoid most trouble in our lives. But the CHOICE has to be made. God gave us free will, so the choice is ours, RIGHT or WRONG? SUCCESS or FAILURE? HAPPINESS or SADNESS? We all have these choices. Some peoples situations cause them to not believe in positivity or good choices but the fact is, we can ALL make it. From any walk of life, and through whatever life throws you. But like I said before, choices and decisions have to be made.

The ingredients we must remember if we want to prosper are: God, focus, hard work, dedication, persistence, morals, kindness, temperance and any other positive action you can think of. But God definitely has to be at the forefront, and considered the main ingredient with anything you desire.

P.S. Notice I used the words 'us' and 'we' a lot in this post. Think about the reason why. I don't have all the answers, nor am I perfect but we all know whats real and whats not, whats good and whats bad. I'm just simply being real. And by using those words, I let y'all know I'm in the same boat with some of you. And choices have to be made in my life also. Good choices. The question was "What Means The World To You?", but the before you answer it think about what you have to do to get it.

Shout Out to my Bro with a million names Jay5 aka Cinco aka 5ive aka Jonnie5 aka Jonathan Smith.. Thanks for the title topic and for everything else. You already know! And oh yeaa,even though I'm lil bro, you wanna be like me soooooo bad! Hahahahahaha..


Aston Martin One-77

Here's a quick look at my girlfriend aka The Aston Martin One-77.. This thing is a beast! I saw it at the car show about a month ago, and I fell in love lol. I believe the release date is some time in 2011.. Hopefully I'll have money by then so I can get one. Might be a little tough though, especially since its said they're only making SEVENTY-SEVEN of them, hence the name "One-77".. Oh well, she's still beautiful haha.. Enjoy....