Thursday, January 29, 2009


No longer at the point in my life where I believe life doesn't change. People, seasons, weather, times CHANGE. LIFE changes! I'm starting to feel like this must be what it feels like to become a man. And I'm not talking about the BOY that calls himself a MAN. I'm talking about a real Man.. A man of God, a man of trust, a man of love, a man of many more things that I never even fathamed before. The Lord is good. It feels good to be at a point of peace and understanding. And although I don't understand ALL things, and I never will. I'm just grateful of the things I do understand, that they are helping me daily and leading in the direction to understand more................

Yooo what's good everybody (late night sleepy voice lol). Its crazzy late right now, about 3:30 am westcoast time and I'm up watching the Lakers lose a double over-time game againts the Charlotte Bobcats at HOME. Now for those of you that follow basketball know that the Lakers are one of the elite teams in the League, and the Bobcats are usually on the bottom as far as wins go. They always have some talented players, but in the past years they just couldn't find a way to win games. But this year they're doing a lot better and they made some CHANGES that made them better as a team. They got a new coach with credibility, they made timely trades for quality players, different game plan and selected a new focus. So after analyzing all of those thoughts I started thinking deeper, and my thoughts lead to my LIFE, and how it constantly changes. I thought about how I've learned, lost, gained and lost again. And as I continue to complete my journey in life I understand that change is always reoccurring. It is definitely one of the only consistent things that take place in life. You may not like change or welcome it with open arms but despite all your efforts to keep things the same, they always change. So the person that embraces change, doesn't break down when things change and understands that change is inevitable is ahead of the game. And they possess the wisdom and endurance it takes to move foward.

So with all of those things said. Nothing in the world is permanent, and we're foolish when we ask anything to last, but surely we're still more foolish not to take delight in it while we have it. If change is of the essence of existence one would have thought it only sensible to make it the premise of our philosophy.

Sorry if I got a little deep on yall at the end. Hahaha, I was kinda feeling myself lol. Thanks for reading though. Comment if you have any thoughts.. One!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Kobe IV's

Yoooo. I just want to let all the "hoopers" know that these new Kobes are killer! Lol. I've had mine for about a week now (thanks and shout outs to my man Gary F at NIKE) and they're 1 of the best hoop shoes I've ever worn. What makes me like them more is they're not the typical basketball shoe. The color scheme on this edition is pretty unique, (black, yellow, purple and grey) unlike any other Kobe. The reptile print symbolizing the "Black Mamba" on the toe and heel make the shoe crazzy stylish. You can definitely rock these Kob's off the court as well as on. Its the lightest basketball shoe on the market, so match that comfortablity and you can just imagine what's on your feet. I'd say they feel something like a cloud, or maybe a pillow.. Idk, pick 1 lol.

And I'm not gonna tell you to go get them because NIKE isn't paying me for promotion, but if they were I'd be the top spokesperson. Screaming "Kobe IV's, Kobe IV's, Kobe IV's!" Hahahahaha

P.S. I felt compelled to write this blog after last night performance from my main man KB24 against Bron... Dislocated finger. Double double. Sick Nike's. And the W. Nothing else needs to be said.

Bible vs. Blackberry

Ok before any of you judge this title, DON'T! For 1, I own a blackberry, and 2.. I'm writing this ON my blackberry! Lol.. Ok now what I wanna say is these BB devices are addicting! I'm on mine a lot, but I've found myself becoming less addicted to it lately. I tried to make up a million reasons for why this is, but its nothing other than God. I've been in my Bible a lot lately, just trying to gain understanding, receive wisdom, and increase my faith. So a lot of the time when the BB is calling me, I just ignore it. Especially when I'm in the Word. And whenever I'm done reading, I just feel at peace. And I'm not gonna even front, some stuff I just don't understand, even after reading the scripture multiple times, but I'm ok with that. I'm well aware that it's going to take lots of time and studying to gain the wisdom and understanding of the Bible as a whole. So yea, that's what I'm on, seeking God's love and wisdom.

So if you own a blackberry don't feel too convicted, especially if you're not on it a lot. Just be aware, pick up a Bible and further your relationship with Christ. He loves us!

For my closing, I'll leave you with 2 of my favorite scriptures... Matthew 6:33 "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things should be added unto you.." Psalm 37:4 "Delight thyself in the Lord and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.." Really think about those 2 passages.. They're beyond deep! They give me confidence and help me to remember to keep HIM first.

P.S. Bible wins!

Inauguration 2009 aka Obama Day!

As well all know today is an important day in history for America. It is also a historical time for BLACK America. Our leaders have fought long and hard for today. Our President is Black people! Idk about yall but I think that's pretty HUGE! Not dissing any other President (ok maybe I'll diss Bush a little haha) but this is the 1st time EVER that America has been United in such a way. Everybody is showing love. Black, whites, hispancs, asians all united for the greater good. Its just a great time to be an American.

I read somewhere that when Barack was a young boy, he thought he'd be a professional basketball player, a lawyer, or a doctor. All respected and important professions. But he never thought in a million years that he'd be the President of the United States. Never thought he'd be making impecable speeches in front of millions of people. Never thought he'd be devising plans to better the economy of a whole country. Never in a million years did he have these thoughts, but God did. I say that to say, you may not know where you're headed, but if you just keep moving in the right direction you'll end up where you're meant to be.... And its because 47 years ago a man choose to head in the right direction, now we have a leader, someone who believes in Christ and believes in doing things the right way; with hardwork and dedication. Soo once again idk about you, but I'm pretty excited about the things to come. New beginnings, new energy, new everything! Congrats President Barack Obama!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Future of Cufflinks!

This is one of the projects I am working on. It's my father's INVENTION and we hope to take it far. The concept is an interchangeable cufflink designed for the business man or woman. It's one of a kind design, packaging, sleekness and affordable price makes it unique. A lot of interest has been shown with the project and we're currently waying options on who to partner with to make the success of the project as big as possible. Everything from this point on has been done independently; with our own time and money. We understand that starting a successful business takes TIME, MAXIMUM EFFORT, and MONEY. So we're just nuturining this thing and taking it step by step, not rushing it at all. New investors and monetary interest are always welcomed though, if the right person with the right money comes along, I believe this invention can be big.. With everyone dressing up, getting every accessory to mix and match their outfits, this cufflink thing can take the world by storm. They're are a few designs available at the site,, but the official launch for the project is dated for 3rd quater of 2009. So let me know what you think... Contact me via email if you have extreme interest.. Thanks

Oh yeaa.. Can't forget my shout outs.. Shout out to POPS! Thanks for having a dream and instilling in me that anything is possible!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Yooo! Wassup bloggers, blog readers, fam, friends, associates, haters, camels, polar bears, whoever! Wassup to everybody basically.. Hope all is well when you're reading this.... I know what youre thinking soooo let me say this 1st.. I know those of you that KNOW me are probably gonna be like wowowow, Aust is doing a blog??? And the answer is YES! Aust isss doing a blog.. I don't have a real reason to be doing it either, its really just apart of this new inspiration I recieved so I'm following it! I went back and forth with the decision of doing a blog for a few months now, but now I have been blessed with the time and the inspiration so I'm going in.... A lot of people know me through MANY different walks of life, either hooping, different places I've been/lived, or just random meetings. And I hate saying this because its probably not even "cool" and its also probably gonna make my future wife upset, but I KNOW A LOT OF PEOPLE! (Like more than the average person)Lol. And its even worse because a few of the main people I hang out with also KNOW A LOT OF PEOPLE. So its just alllll bad. But with that said, I know there's a lot more people I don't know and that I'd like to meet. Soooo for those that don't know me, allow me to introduce myself (charming guy voice lol). My name is Auston Lee Autry, I'm 21 years old and I'm just in LIFE. I love Christ and I am currently seeking HIM daily, I'm in school trying to get that degree, I play basketball, write, run a business and ready for whatever else God has up his sleeves for me, lol. If this blogging thing goes the way I plan, all of my interest, ideas and concerns will be addressed and expressed.. So by reading this, I guess you get somewhat of an insight on me as a person.. So with that said, if that is not why you're on this blog or you don't like me, LOG OFF NOW! I repeat LOG OFF NOW! Hahaha.. Alright, glad we got that out the way... On to more important things or maybe not so important things....... 1st blog shout outs! Lol. Don't worry, I only have 1... Shoutout to my church World Won for Christ! Smh, black people always gotta give a shout out hahahaha..