Sunday, May 10, 2009

I Lost, But WE Win.

One time I lost. Probably one of the biggest losses in my life to date. I can remember the ill feeling that formed itself inside of me. It was painful and excruciating, the kind I wouldn't wish on my worse enemy. At first it didn't make sense nor did I know what was happening, but after awhile of reflection and prayer things became clear to me. I was being broken down so I could be made tougher. And I needed to be tougher so I could endure more. This toughness that was formed wasn't your average male ego toughness though, definitely not the kind of foolish toughness that believes he'll never lose again, but instead, it was the toughness of bouncing back and bettering myself at the end of each loss, which also now I see, makes my losses few and further in between. Still, this loss hurt like no other, but through the pain I always felt like there was a reason or major explanation for it. And that's why we go back to that word toughness. Surely this toughness that was created through the loss and turmoil was needed, it was a much needed change, it was a much need experience with pain.

Through the pain I allowed God to finesse, groom and teach me. Because of obedience, I was rewarded...

Through this new found self-sufficency, devotion and boldness I acquired gifts. Gifts from God. Many were as simple as understanding situations in my past and seeing how God brought me through, other gifts were larger in part, for example; the gift of helping people come to Christ and just multiplying and spreading the word all for the glory of His kingdom. The gift of wisdom is a magnificent thing, especially at a young age. Wisdom meaning, you understand you don't know everything about this life, or about other peoples lives and their situations, and you even acknowledge the fact that you haven't discovered everything about yourself. You realize there's always room to grow, keeping yourself prepared and remembering devotion equals results.

Having discernment in this world is also a precious gift, just to be able to look through certain situations and avoiding potholes is a blessing, especially because in your past you were accustomed to fall in so many. So avoiding them alongside Christ makes things so much better. There are many gifts, many favors, many blessings God wants to bestow upon us, we just have to be faithful and have continual praise, despite all pain. That is the key way to enter into the door of God's heart, love and abundance in ALL things.

So even in defeat, we win. There's always a light at the end of the tunnel, even if your tunnel is longer than someone elses, you just have to keep moving to get to it, push forward, trample fear, demolish pain, pray often, don't stop!

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